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Getting Started Demos

Deploy in Seconds
See how to add Linux, macOS, and Windows devices.
Cross-Platform Endpoint Visibility
Explore everything about every device.
Endpoint Organization
Easily create groups based on role and location.
Single Pane of Glass Dashboard
Keep your finger on the pulse of all your endpoints.

Policy Demos

Cross-Platform Patching
See how to automatically keep all your endpoints up to date.
Software Deployment
See how to automatically keep the right software on every endpoint.
Worklets™ Plug & Play Automation
Tap hundreds of ready-made IT automations.
Endpoint Automation at Scale
See how easy it is to run and verify Worklets at scale.
Desired State Enforcement
See how to run and report on policies at scale.
Immediate Action at Scale
Explore FixNow — the fastest way to automate IT.

Advanced Topic Demos

Find and Fix Vulnerabilities
See how Automated Vulnerability Remediation works with Rapid7.
Ask Otto Gen AI Scripting
See how generative AI can help you script powerful IT automations.
Remote Access
See how to take remote control of any Windows or macOS endpoint.
Secure Script Signing
See how to secure your PowerShell from end-to-end.

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